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Canal & The Society

The Suez Canal ’s role is not confined to servicing the world trade. It goes beyond that to serve the Canal Zone community ...

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Vision, Mission and Duties


  • To render a distinguished and an uninterrupted service to vessels that transit the Suez Canal; a service that achieves the highest level of security and safety for vessels during their transit.
  • To keep the SC the first choice for shipping companies, liners, ship owners and ship operators.
  • To raise the Suez Canal’s share of the world seaborne trade that uses the Canal.


  • To ascertain that the vital role of the Suez Canal in service of the world economy and trade is established.
  • To manage and run the Suez Canal in a way that maximizes its capabilities and position.
  • To realize our customer anticipations through continuous improvement of the entire and all-level operation system.
  • To keep consultations with our customers and offer them any assistance, whenever required, in the field of sea transport, logistics, shipbuilding industry or any other field of mutual interest.
  • To upgrade performance of the Suez Canal to cope with the requirements and challenges of the present and future time as well as the international changes.


  • To draw up and execute plans that secure optimized transits for vessels.
  • To develop and maintain the Canal to be able to handle the evolution of the world trade and Fleet.
  • To provide the transiting vessels with services, towage and repairs.
  • To build ships and different marine units at the SCA’s shipyards.
  • To draw up plans and policies for the companies affiliated to the SCA.


Canal History
13th century BCE

13th century BCE, A canal is constructed between the Nile Delta and the Red Sea. For the following centuries, the canal was only partially maintained...


1854, By a French initiative, the viceroy of Egypt, Said Pasha, decides for a project to build a canal from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea...


1858, La Compagnie Universelle du Canal Maritime de Suez is formed to construct the canal.

17 Nov 1869

17 Nov 1869, With great splendour, the canal is opened for navigation. Dimensions were 22 metre in bottom width, 58 metre in surface width, and a depth of 8 metres...

2 Mar 1888

2 Mar 1888, The Convention of Constantinople guaranteed right of passage of all ships through the Suez Canal during war and peace...

13 Jun 1956

13 Jun 1956, Suez Canal Zone restored to Egypt.
26 Jul 1956, Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal.

5 Jun 1975

5 Jun 1975, Suez Canal reopened...

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