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Canal & The Society

The Suez Canal ’s role is not confined to servicing the world trade. It goes beyond that to serve the Canal Zone community ...

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Navigation Circulars

Periodical 18-10-2015

Periodical on Article 58 of SC Rules of Navigation

Further to Article 58 of SC Rules of navigation edition of August 2015 concerning escorting tugs according to the S.C net tonnage of transiting vessels, shipping agencies of vessels that transit for the first time must submit the following documents at enough time before transit ( one week at least ):

  1. Suez Canal tonnage certificate with full calculation sheets.
  2. General Arrangement plan ( with scale ) .
  3. Capacity plan .
  4. Engine room arrangement plan ( with scale ).

To the survey section at port of entry ( port said or port Tewfik ) as shown in the following table :

Unless the agency submits the A/M documents and SCA has concluded after transit that the vessel must be escorted by one or two tugs, the tugs fees shall be collected accordingly.

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Director of Transit Department
Eng./ Mohamed Sakr El-Arabi

Canal History
13th century BCE

13th century BCE, A canal is constructed between the Nile Delta and the Red Sea. For the following centuries, the canal was only partially maintained...


1854, By a French initiative, the viceroy of Egypt, Said Pasha, decides for a project to build a canal from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea...


1858, La Compagnie Universelle du Canal Maritime de Suez is formed to construct the canal.

17 Nov 1869

17 Nov 1869, With great splendour, the canal is opened for navigation. Dimensions were 22 metre in bottom width, 58 metre in surface width, and a depth of 8 metres...

2 Mar 1888

2 Mar 1888, The Convention of Constantinople guaranteed right of passage of all ships through the Suez Canal during war and peace...

13 Jun 1956

13 Jun 1956, Suez Canal Zone restored to Egypt.
26 Jul 1956, Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal.

5 Jun 1975

5 Jun 1975, Suez Canal reopened...

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